School Bell System Report

School Bell System Report

I’ve complied a report about the School Bell System. It has taken years of research to discover the problems behind operating bells for class start and class breaks.

For many people, the School Bell is taken for granted and the implications which effect school operations are not realized. The little amount of continual stress each day eventually mounts up. You maybe surprised who and how many it effects.

You will see Technology has Automated the School Bell into Nightmares for some and a Dream for others.

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School Lockdown

School Lockdown

In Minnesota it is compulsory for schools to practice a School Lockdown 3 times per year. Does this actually happen? Do the schools have the time to do this? Only the schools will know. It’s important to practice Lockdowns and Fire drills just in case. There has been so many media  reports on students or gunmen going wild. There are School Bell Systems with lockdown as a standard option. See the BellMinder guys.

Boarding Schools

Boarding School Bell Ringing

Boarding schools have another level of school bell ringing needs, possiblely the greatest needs. Apart from the normal daytime bell ringing, their needs also require evenings and weekends. What extends the problem is Winter and Summer times. This would add upto 20 schedules not counting exmas, parent evenings, snow days etc. Most School Bell Timers cannot coupe with these requirements.

School Bell System Video

School Bell System Video

Manual School Bell System

I visited a school last week that had a manual electric bell system which was operated by a Bell Monitor student. The bell button was located in the hall way so that the students had access. They described a few problems to me. Even though the Bell Monitor was usually on time and operated the bell OK, the office staff didn’t know if the Bell Monitor was at school that day. This meant the office staff then had to take over the bell ringing role whenever the student didn’t turn up. The Office staff needed to check the time regularly for the next Bell Ring this started to be a chore. This continued to happen and the staff were operating the bell themselves, which they now say was not a great use on their time. There is a happy ending, an automatic bell system was installed and has made life for the office staff a breeze.

School Bell Ringer story

Hi, This is a small story from a School Principal where they had students operate the electric bell. This one student was called the Bell Monitor. This was usually a job that was thought to be an important responsibility to the lucky student. The child at 5 minutes before the end of class, 10 times per day, would walk to the school office, wait for the clock time to tick over to the desired time and presses the Bell Button. But what happened on the last Bell on a particular Friday was, the Bell rang 15 minutes early. The School Principal thought something was up and looked out the window to watch the Bell Monitor student sprinting out the school gate. Hmmm he thought smart kid, although it was the last time the student rang the bell. The School Principal couldn’t trust the students to ring the bell properly anymore, so the Bell Monitor Student was made redundant when a School Bell System was installed soon after.

Some School Bell History

School Bell Ringing

School Bells and Education go back along way in fact thousands of years. It’s pretty much the last 100 years modern education systems have changed how the class change bells operate. The common Hand Bell for class changing is still a good method, but is it good in these times? It’s a bit like when you buy the new car, you never go back to the old one. The same is with Bell Systems, when you try a better one, you don’t want to go back to the old ways. This is what I hear from school staff that have made the leap.


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